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How to enable Remote API ability option for a Reseller in Plesk.

A test connection to Plesk from my WHMCS failed and got below error: FAILED: Error code: 0. Error message: Unable to find appropriate manager for this version of Panel. Plesk should be at least 8.0 version. When I searched in

How to create and delete Subdomains in Plesk Control Panel

Login to Plesk Control panel with your Plesk user login information. Once you logged in Plesk control panel under Websites & Domains click on “Add Subdomain” button. In the Subdomain name box, type the portion of the address that will

How to enable firewall rules Plesk

Today I am going to explain how to enable MSSQL firewall rules Plesk Click on the Tools and Settings -> Select Firewall Click on Firewall Rules tab. Click on MSSQL over TCP Protocol -> Tick box switch on rule. To

How to Change Plesk Administrator email address

Today i’m going to change Plesk Administrator email address in my Plesk Control panel If we are not getting email notifications from plesk control panel regarding Resource limits exceeded by reseller account, in such cases we need to check our

How to login into Plesk control panel

One of the common questions new users have when they get hosting account is “How do I login to my control panel? By following the steps below We can easily login to your Plesk Control panel. 1) Take that first

How to change email account password in Plesk

To change email account password in Plesk, Log in to your Plesk control panel account After logged in, click Email addresses icon. Then click on the email account that you want to change password. Then insert new password and

How to find Plesk Control Panel Version

This article explains how to determine the Plesk version we are using. 1. Log in to Plesk Control Panel 2. Open Home tab. Under the System Overview section you will locate your Plesk version:

How to Change/Modify a Hosting Plan in Plesk control panel.

Login to Plesk control panel. Click on “Subscriptions”. Place a tickmark next to the subscription you wish to modify. Then Click on “Change Plan” Select Service plan from drop down menu And finally click Ok button to fished process.

How to Access Webmail Plesk

Today i am going to explain a simple tips for accessing webmail directly via URL. Once your domain has propagated, you can access your webmail by visiting: Be sure to substitute your domain name where is says “” in

How to change the Plesk user password

1. Log into Plesk with admin user 2. On the left hand side menu, click on Customers under Hosting Services section. 3. Search with customer for which you want to change the password. 4. On the customer information page, click