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How to add A Record through domain control panel

The first thing you’ll need to do to add an A Record is to make sure that you are using’s default nameservers (,, and Once you are on our nameservers, follow the steps below: 1) Login

How to do a Domain Forwarding in Domain Control Panel

Domain Forwarding Service is provided free when you purchase any domain name through HostOnNet Web Solutions. Find below the steps about forwarding/redirecting your domain name to another url/website. This is applicable only for the domain names registered with us. First

How to change Name Servers of a Domain Name

To change the Name Servers for your domain, do the following: 1. Login to your Domain control panel and search for the domain name and proceed to the order information view. 2) Click the ‘Name Servers’ link. 3) Enter your

How to Protect/Lock Your Domain Name

Domain Locking is a security feature offered by domain registrar to Top Level Domains like .COM. It prevent unauthorised transfers of our domain to another person or registrar. In order to Lock/Unlock domain in HostOnNet, one need to perform below

Infibeam Launches .ooo Domains Globally

India-based e-commerce portal Infibeam has launched a new generic top-level domain. The .ooo domain will be available to websites across the world. Infibeam made the announcement after it was allowed to use the domain by the Internet Corporation for Assigned

New York City now has its own top-level domain: .NYC

New York City today celebrated the launch of the .NYC top-level domain, making it the first US city with a custom extension. To register a domain with .nyc extension, you’ll need a physical address in NYC. Price starts at $29.99.

A free tool to find the top sites in each domain extension

There are so many web sites on the web serving advice for how you should name your website/company, but sometimes the very best recommendation is to look at what is most popular. Domain Name Wire recently found a great site

Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

Domain name must be short to remember. Always select short domain name Target Your Area – If your business is local, consider including your city or state in your domain name to make it easy for local customers to find

Government launches .bharat domain name

The government on Wednesday launched the ‘.bharat’ domain name in the Devanagari script covering eight languages including Hindi, Konkani and Marathi. With the launch, individuals of companies who are interested in owning a website with domain name in Hindi language

.uk domain name now available

United Kingdom have new top level domain .uk available for registration now. Previously UK had only and domains available for public registration. UK’s domain registry announced .uk top level doamin on 10 June 2014. Many other countries