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About ramesh xavier

Hi I am Ramesh Xavier I have a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern websites, I have been working as web-designer for over 4 years, and have done lots of work over that time, I'm always keeping an eye on the latest trends over typography, shapes, colours, etc..

How to add PDF file to a WordPress Page or Post without plugin

Do you have PDFs or Word documents that you’d like to share on your WordPress website? This method is verry simple and works without installing plugin on your WordPress site. First you go to edit the page or post where

15 Essential Plugins for Your WordPress sites.

Plugins are one of WordPress most powerful assets. In essence, plugins are modules you activate on your website to provide a series of features or elements. Here I give a list of some of the best and important Plugins you

How To Add International Telephone Input In WordPress Contact Form 7

As per client request, I was creating a contact form in which the client need Country Code entering option. I’ve installed Contact Form 7, but was not able to add International Telephone Input (Country Code). If you want International Telephone

How to Directly Embed Google Location Map In WordPress.

Here are the steps required to embed Google Map to your WordPress page or post: First, Visit Google Map. Then search for the required location, street or the required place that you want to embed. There you can see a

How to Create a Dropdown Menu in WordPress without Code or Plugin

In this tutorial, we will discuss about how to Create a Dropdown Navigation Menu to your WordPress page without the need of a Code or Plugin. For the Dropdown Menu you can add pages, categories and other custom links. To

How to fix Could not create directory error on local wordpress

WordPress is an interesting platform to build your website but when you get this kind of errors like Unable to install Themes, Plugins localhost, we need to do some settings change to fix it. Here I describes about how I

How to create MYSQL database using PhpMyAdmin in localhost

I was planning to develop a tourism website on WordPress. As a first step, I installed LAMP on my PC in which I am using Ubuntu 16.04. Then I installed PhpMyAdmin on my computer by following this tutorial. Then started

How to delete a theme from a WordPress site

After installing WordPress, many install different themes to find suitable theme for the web site. This can leave behind many unwanted themes, taking up disk space on the server. Also having unused theme, plugin are a security issue, it is

How to add last updated date in WordPress Posts and Pages.

To add WordPress “modified_date”, just follow the simple steps.  You just have to replace some code with the code snippet given below.  Here is the steps to edit Twenty-Seventeen theme of WordPress. Just go to ‘theme’ folder within WordPress installation

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